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Have you made your home the safest place for you to age? A few user-friendly upgrades can save you tens of thousands of dollars of nursing home expenses. If you plan ahead you can create your safest place for your future. If you prevent one fall with injuries you save money and your best health.

What are the considerations to age-proof my home?

STAIRS: Have at least one entrance where you don't have to climb the stairs. Ramps, stair lifts, or platform lifts can be installed in a garage or outdoors. Let Home Ability Store help you with this.

If all your bedrooms are upstairs, install a stair lift on those stairs in your home. You'll be amazed at how helpful this becomes when you're carrying laundry. Use it when you need it, but know it's there and ready. It's one small investment in your future at home as you age.

BATHROOMS: Do you have a threshold to step over each time you get into the shower or bath? Have a bath bench installed so you have a place to sit, then safely scooch over on the bench. If you love to bathe, soaking in the tub, consider a bath lift. You'll sit on the seat, swing your legs over the bath wall, then push a button to lower yourself into the bath water while safely seated! No problem getting out either. Get this before it's needed, so nobody tells you that you can't live at home and safely bathe. Best to get used to using the bathlift or bench when you've never fallen so you never do. Also, memory issues can sneak up on us, so it's best to have safe habits established earlier. Do you have a security grab pole in your bathroom? Let Home Ability Store help you with grab bars, bath benches, and a bathlift before you're working in crisis mode. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

BEDROOMS: Can you sit up in bed if you had to eat there occasionally? Have you got a bed that is adjustable in height? It helps to have the right height to get out of bed safely. It also makes it easier for someone assisting you to give you the help you need. Keep in mind, this is planning ahead so you can live at home as you age. There could be a temporary or permanent change in your well-being where you'll want to accept help from a caregiver. Why not have the necessary equipment already so you have the option of living at home. It will save tens of thousands of dollars compared to a nursing home. Home Ability Store has High Low adjustable beds that will give you the best night's sleep ever. They are that comfortable.

LIVING AREA: As we age, we usually choose a favorite chair and nestle in, keeping our goodies for the day within arms reach. Still, we have to get up and get to the bathroom or kitchen several times a day. By making your favorite chair one with added features, you may keep your health and your independence at home. The best recliners have independent adjustablility for elevating your feet separately from reclining your back. How often have you heard, “elevate your feet"? As circulation issues develop, sometimes it's from extensive sitting with your feet down on the floor. Prevention is key. Also, your favorite recliner should be a lift chair. Standing up at the touch of a button will get you on your feet safely when you need it. The idea is that this lift-recliner will be your favorite chair long before you need the lift assistance. No need to change your habits and your favorite chair when you're not so strong and capable. If you plan ahead, you'll maintain your independence. Visit Home Ability Store for the best selection of beautiful favorite chairs.

DOORWAYS and HALLWAYS: If you have 32" wide access, you're in a good place for any rollator, walker, wheelchair, or scooter. Eliminate thresholds wherever possible. After coming home from a hospital stay is no time to start construction. Plan ahead for all of us may have a time we can't walk around on our own. You don't have to move out of your home if you put some investment into making it a safe place to age.

DRIVING: What happens if your driving skills diminish or your license isn't renewed? Home Ability Store offers a huge variety of personal electric scooters. They will take you up to 45 miles on a single charge at speeds from 1 to 18 mph. Probably, you can get to stores, church, and restaurants and wherever you are used to going on a mobility scooter. You won't need a license and can safely use sidewalks or bicycle lanes of roadways where it is safe to ride. Best to get in a habit of driving a scooter when possible. They're energy efficient, safe, and lots of fun to drive.

As you can see, much of maintaining your independence at home is about investing in the right equipment before you need it. Getting in the habit of using safety equipment can prevent an accident at home. Good habits take time to develop. Prepare now while you're younger and you'll likely be set to age comfortably and safely at home.

Home Ability Store is here to allow you to live safely at home.

At Home Ability, we understand that living with certain medical conditions and disorders or recovering from injuries and surgeries can be difficult to cope with. We also understand that shopping for specialty products can be frustrating. It is this understanding that leaves us confident that our trained and experienced consultants will help you find the right solution for managing your condition and regaining your independence. We provide quality care and products in a comfortable and professional setting, and we offer educational information designed to help you come to a better understanding of your abilities and possibilities.

Home Ability has made the effort to find the best quality products available. We have also found products which are proudly made in the USA! Home Ability is locally owned and operated.

Golden Technologies builds quality lift chairs in Pennsylvania using Amish furniture building techniques. The chairs are sturdy with kiln dried maple hardwood frames pegged, not screwed, together. The solid wood is stronger than plywood used by other furniture builders. The lift mechanism has a Lifetime Warranty. Home Ability is the local Golden Tech service company, so quality is of the utmost importance. Home Ability is a Flagship Dealer with over twenty lift chairs in our showroom for you to try and buy. Home Ability carries the finest scooters and power wheelchairs by Golden Technologies, also. Reliability is paramount.

Flex-A-Bed is a fine bed manufacturer in the northwest corner of Georgia. The beds have all the utilitarian functions of a hospital bed, but beyond that, they are comfortable. We carry the full line, including Hi-Low, Premier, and Value beds in all sizes (from 30" size for RV's to a Dual King) and all mattress types from the softest Visco Memory Foam core to firm innerspring and more.

EZ-Access makes fine aluminum handicap ramps in Washington state. They're superbly designed, simple, elegant and the ideal solution to most vertical barriers.

Harmar stair lifts are manufactured in Missouri. Again, we are selling top quality products made in the USA. Come in and support our efforts as we find solutions for your safety and comfort.

When you're recovering from surgery or learning to live with a chronic condition, it's important to keep your energy focused on your health. You shouldn't have to worry about your medical supplies, or whether you have the right equipment to help ease your transition home. At Home Ability, we'll do all of that and more for you. We'll provide you with the latest and best in home healthcare equipment to make your life more enjoyable. Stop by and see us—help us help you.

Home Ability will deliver from our store to you in NorthEast Florida. We deliver to Fernandina Beach, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Callahan, Orange Park, Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Port Orange and many surrounding neighborhoods.

We deliver nationwide with our manufacturers network. Please choose White Glove Delivery to have your bed or lift chair set up in your room if you live outside our store delivery area.