Ultimate Sleep Recliners at Home Ability

Sleep and Lift Recliners by Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility are available at the Home Ability Store.

Like your clothing, recliners should fit your body and preferences, perfectly. Differences in height, weight, comfort, and support require the right chair . Someone under 5 feet tall needs a different chair than someone 6'8". The newest discoveries in breathable, waterproof, durable, anti-microbial, and scratch-resistant fabrics are available at Home Ability.

At Home Ability there are options. We stock about 30 different lift chairs for you to try in the store. We have chairs ready for same day deliveries.

Flexibility- There are 18 styles, 48 colors, and 10 distinct chair sizes that accommodate customer heights from 4'8" to 6'8" and everything in between.

Weight ranges of clients go from under 100 lbs to 700 lbs (uses a 3 motor system).

Supply your own fabric and have a one of a kind chair that's perfectly matched to your décor (a $114 upgrade).


  • Brisa and UltraLeather fabric are scratch-resistant to keys and the claws of animals. In the standard durability test, the Brisa material lasts over 200,000 double rub cycles. The regular fabric lasts 50,000 cycles. The industry average is about 10,000.
  • Brisa resists cold weather stiffening & cracking.
  • Brisa is non-fading is sunlight or from cleaning.
  • Lifetime Warranty on the Tubular Steel base, the solid Maple hardwood frame and the recline mechanism are unmatched in the industry.
  • Lifting mechanism is tested to exceed 10,000 cycles (about 25 years).
  • Gel Memory Foam is found in some models for long term durability and support.

Sanitary- The Brisa (synthetic leather) fabric is scratch, stain, and blemish resistant, and can be sanitized with a 5:1 bleach solution in case of a nasty spill. It can be cleaned with soap and water, or with alcohol based solutions like 409 or Fantastic. Three of the Brisa fabrics are infused with Silver Ions for anti-microbial action. Germs,viruses and bacteria cannot live in the presence of silver.

Crypton is a waterproof alternate cloth fabric that's stain, odor, spill resistant and anti-microbial.

Soft Touch Fabrics with Stain Defense is easy to clean with foam upholstery cleaner.

Breathable & Thermo-regulating- The Brisa is also breathable and temperature regulating. It's the first polyurethane fabric designed with a ventilation system that enables it to breathe, no matter how long you use the chair. It feels cooler than leather, vinyl and most fabrics in warm conditions, and warmer in cold conditions.

Gel memory foam is found in some models. It is well known to have cooling characteristics.

Comfort- Many of the Golden models have a 49 pocketed coil seating surface for a softer feel. Today's fabrics are more comfortable than ever. The Brisa fabric is very soft and smooth texture. Even the traditional woven fabrics from Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility are softer and cooler than generations past.

Gel memory foam also adds the comfort profile.

Made in the USA- Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility lift chairs are made in Pennsylvania. Many other manufacturers' lift chairs are made in China.

Designed to be a Lift Chair- Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility lift chairs are designed to be assistive. They're tested to go thru 10,000 cycles.

Positions- The Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility recliners have positions available that you won't find in any other chairs. Not only does the back recline and the feet extend, but the seating surface also changes position up and down. This 3rd factor of orthopedic alignment makes a difference in comfort and support. The Trendelenburg position gives the back and lumber the ultimate stretch. It positions the feet higher than the head which increases blood & lymph flow from the extremities which could help congestive heart conditions, edema and swollen ankles.

Zero Gravity is a physician recommended position that aligns the spine, hip and knee joints to a balanced midpoint of the muscles. Tension is relived, circulation is improved and fatigue melts away.

Battery Backup- If the power ever goes out, you will be able to raise your chair with the battery back-up power.

Golden Technologies lift chairs pair perfectly with Stander's Assist-A-Tray.

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This gives you a lift to stand up from the chair, a handle to hold on when you're standing, and a table with a cup-holder to use while you're seated. For safety, a Golden lift chair and an Assist-A-Tray are a wonderful package!

Here are a few more of the many Golden Chairs in our showroom today!

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Ultimate Sleep Recliners (4)

Shop today at Home Ability at 7660 Philips Highway, Suite 4 and pick out your favorite chair, in stock TODAY! 904-999-4705

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We deliver nationwide within our manufacturers' network. Please choose White Glove Delivery to have your lift chair set up in your room if you live outside our store delivery area.